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Hair of the Season

Everyone on the internet is talking about this viral hairstyle: a fluffy, voluminous blowout, commonly seen as a callback to the ‘90s. Some of the inspiration for this look includes iconic celebrities like Cindy Crawford, Alicia Silverstone, and Denise Richards.   There’s a common misconception that you have to have a certain haircut (i.e. curtain… Read more »


Summertime’s Impossible Motivation

Feeling stuck is arguably one of the most frustrating feelings in the world, and we’ve noticed it sometimes comes this time of year. With summertime comes a summer routine, whether it’s intentional or not. But in either case, it tends to lead to that feeling of sameness; an unsatisfying limbo that we have to drag… Read more »


The Importance of Supporting Small Businesses

Soliel Salon Spa - Windham, NH

Soleil started out in our community as a six-chair salon. We had very few employees, and very few customers to match. It was only through relentless hard work that we were able to accomplish everything we have so far. We, like every other small business, also were dependent on the support of our community, and… Read more »


Soleil Gives Back

Over the past couple years, we at Soleil have been scrambling to pick ourselves up after the Covid storm struck. Luckily, we have had quite an amazing community to fall back on. This community of ours, though, took quite a while to build. We are fortunate enough to say that the business has been supported… Read more »