The Importance of Supporting Small Businesses

Soliel Salon Spa - Windham, NH

Soleil started out in our community as a six-chair salon. We had very few employees, and very few customers to match. It was only through relentless hard work that we were able to accomplish everything we have so far. We, like every other small business, also were dependent on the support of our community, and continue to be with every passing day. 

Although we are lucky to have become so successful, many small businesses have not had the same good fortune. Because we were so deeply supported by our community from day one, we were able to make it through. But even with that support, it hasn’t always been smooth sailing. We’ve had struggles. Imagine those same struggles without the support of the public. Without the public, we’d lose purpose. We’d lose a reason to do what we do; we’d lose a reason to fight. So, we looked to you: the community. Soleil, along with every other small business out there, will continue to rely on our community.

One of the biggest reasons it’s so important to support small businesses is because of their impact on the economy. It’s no question that their contributions to economic growth are endless. Some of these include: the opportunities they create for entrepreneurs, the jobs they offer for the people of their community, and their positive impact on economies on a more local scale. After all, most of the money generated by small businesses actually ends up benefiting local needs. That being said, local businesses actually have a hefty impact on the national economy, as well. In a study conducted by the U.S. Small Business Administration in 2019, it was proven that small businesses produce 44 percent of U.S. economic activity.

The most interesting aspect of the relationship between small businesses and their communities is that they are mutually beneficial. Just as each business is reliant on its community, the community is equally as reliant on business. New businesses bring innovation to their respective surrounding areas, which builds a sense of coterie for their customers. Businesses build connections, friendships, and culture in an area; things that would otherwise be obsolete in any given community. So, therein lies our major point: it is exponentially important to support small businesses. Let’s continue to depend on one another.