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The Importance of Supporting Small Businesses

Soliel Salon Spa - Windham, NH

Soleil started out in our community as a six-chair salon. We had very few employees, and very few customers to match. It was only through relentless hard work that we were able to accomplish everything we have so far. We, like every other small business, also were dependent on the support of our community, and… Read more »


Soleil Gives Back

Over the past couple years, we at Soleil have been scrambling to pick ourselves up after the Covid storm struck. Luckily, we have had quite an amazing community to fall back on. This community of ours, though, took quite a while to build. We are fortunate enough to say that the business has been supported… Read more »


Sharing the Love Project: Experience Old Havana, Cuba as Luisa Shares the Love

Luisa, the owner of Soleil Salon, created the “Sharing the Love Project”. It’s a way of helping others feel better, live better, and lead happier healthier lives.

On her mission to helping others, Sharing the Love Project brought Luisa to Old Havana Cuba. She shares her experiences as she meets the local spa owners, school teachers, and the children.

Find out what life is really like in the historic heart of Havana.


The One Thing We Can’t Live Without

Will you be part of our movement to protect the one thing, that not any of us can live without, and make it accessible to everyone?

Find out more about what we’re supporting and why. To close out Aveda Earth Month 2017, we’d like to invite you to be a part of 2 more events. Be sure to read this post to get the details. You don’t want to miss it!


United For Clean Water

You helped raise a breathtaking $6.1 million for clean water during Earth Month 2015 -It’s our lifelong mission to preserve the planet and ensure clean water for all, which is why Earth Month is our favorite month. It’s the time we get to join forces with you for an extra-concerted effort to provide more people, everywhere, with clean water.

And this year we couldn’t be more thrilled to tell you that this collective effort across the globe raised $6.1 million dollars for our nonprofit partners focused on clean water projects. Some of our favorite worldwide fundraising initiatives included our Global Cut-a-Thon, Catwalks for Clean Water, and Walks for Water.

To everyone involved, thank you for contributing to this amazing result.


How Much Everyday Hair Loss Is Normal?

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