The One Thing We Can’t Live Without

Will you be part of our movement to protect this one thing, that not any of us can live without, and make it accessible to everyone?

We can't live without clean water

 Credits: 2017 Aveda Earth Month – Light the Way for Clean Water YouTube Video

Yes, this one thing is clean water.

Clean water feeds our cells, flushes toxins out of our body, prevents dehydration, and keeps us alive. It helps us clean our skin, our hair, and our entire bodies to feel refreshed and look our best. Clean water even helps us grow foods that are healthy to eat.

 It’s the one thing we simply can’t live without.

Polluted Water is Deadly

But what happens to communities that do not have access to safe drinking water? Water polluted with toxins, parasites, and chemicals. Or maybe very little water at all. 

Polluted water is deadly – it can feed disease in our body. Sadly, it’s happening all over the world, including right here in our backyards. 

Did you know, that by 2025 half of the world’s population will be living in water-stressed areas? (WHO) The result of things like, climate change, industrial pollution, contamination with toxic waste, and water scarcity … from the Great Lakes, the Everglades, Lake Tahoe, the Mississippi River, and throughout New England, to extreme conditions in communities and villages in countries like Madagascar, India, and the Pacific Islands.

Safe water is essential to life.

Soleil Salon and Aveda have a focused mission to ensure more people, everywhere, have access to clean water.

Will You Join Us?

April is our favorite month here at Soleil Salon. It’s when we rally the community and join forces with other organizations to recognize and celebrate Aveda Earth Month and drive change towards clean and safe water. 

We’d love to have you join us in this mission. We have two more initiatives in place for Aveda Earth Month 2017.

  1. 400 Bags of Clothing – Last Day is April 26th!

    Spring is the time to repurpose and clean out your closets. Do you have clean and gently used clothes, shoes, and soft goods (linens, towels, etc.) you no longer need? We’ll take them off your hands. 

    Our goal is to collect 400 bags of used clothing. We’ll drop them off at Savers to be weighed. All proceeds will go to the Clean Water Fund for Earth Month.  

    Check out their video. Savers has a “different kind of fashion mission”. Discover what they do for local communities and for people all over the world, and the environment too!

    It’s a great way to touch many hearts—our communities here and abroad AND helping people get clean water all at the same time.
    Please drop off your bags right here at Soleil Salon & Spa at the front desk by April the 26th.

  2. Yoga Night – May 1st

    Start May off by joining us for an refreshing Yoga Night at the Windham Pilates & Wellness Center, at 46 South Lowell Road, Windham, NH.

    Classes will include:
    Pilates at 6:00PM
    Yoga at 7:00PM

    Take one class for $15 or both classes for $25. All proceeds go to the Clean Water Fund.
    Can’t wait to see you there. 

Thank You for Your Support

We want to extend a huge thanks to all of you who have participated this month in any way to drive change for clean water. We’ll keep you posted about other initiatives we’ve been involved in, like Luisa’s trip to Cuba.  

We’d love to have you share your stories.

How have you made this world a better place?
Have you had personal experiences with safe drinking water?