The Principles of Soleil

Soleil Salon & Spa provides a number of services to its customers, including haircuts and hair care, as well as cryotherapy, facials, and other kinds of skincare. However, Soleil means so much more than just business. Its core principles are what make the salon so special. This June, Soleil employees gathered to talk about their… Read more »


Product Spotlight: Botanical Kinetics Serums

Recently, Aveda released a line of new serums called “botanical kinetics”. These vegan, plant based products have all been clinically tested and developed to cater to all skin types, including dry, oily, and combination. In the short amount of time that the line has been released to the public, each product has already received glowing… Read more »


Getting Frequent Facials Can Change Your Life

Facials are often overlooked as a significant aspect of many people’s self care routines. However, routinely getting a professional facial can be hugely beneficial. Doing so has proven to have major advantages for both mental and physical health. At Soleil Salon & Spa, you can book 30 to 90 minute facial sessions that may help… Read more »


Product Spotlight: Beautifying Radiance Polish

Hydration and detoxification certainly go hand in hand. Just like detoxification, hydration is such an important element to keeping your skin youthful and nourished. From an appearance perspective, proper hydration ensures vibrancy and elasticity. However, there are more benefits to staying hydrated than for cosmetic purposes, such as combating irritated skin or acne and a… Read more »


Detoxify Your Life

The word “detox” is thrown around a lot these days. To many, it is a technique used to improve their overall status of health, but others misuse the term altogether. Detoxing isn’t just another dieting fad that encourages unachievable health standards. But what does it really mean, and are there any benefits? Detoxing can entail… Read more »


Amazing Botanicals And A Whole Lot of Love

#Selfcare may be a buzzword now, but it has always been a concept here at Soleil Salon and Spa in Wyndham. In fact, it’s been a defining principle at Aveda since its beginning in 1978. Forty-two years ago, Aveda founder Horst Rechelbacher held a belief that was pretty radical at the time—that what you put… Read more »


Sharing the Love Project: Experience Old Havana, Cuba as Luisa Shares the Love

Luisa, the owner of Soleil Salon, created the “Sharing the Love Project”. It’s a way of helping others feel better, live better, and lead happier healthier lives.

On her mission to helping others, Sharing the Love Project brought Luisa to Old Havana Cuba. She shares her experiences as she meets the local spa owners, school teachers, and the children.

Find out what life is really like in the historic heart of Havana.