The Principles of Soleil

Soleil Salon & Spa provides a number of services to its customers, including haircuts and hair care, as well as cryotherapy, facials, and other kinds of skincare. However, Soleil means so much more than just business. Its core principles are what make the salon so special.

This June, Soleil employees gathered to talk about their futures at the salon. We discussed maximizing our future growth, and how we were going to set out to achieve our goals. Not only did we talk about the big picture (what the salon is set to accomplish within the next six months), but we also talked about achieving some of our personal aspirations. After all, we can’t focus on the big picture until the small steps are conquered first.

The core principles of Soleil include empowerment, unity, connection, knowledge, and wisdom. Each of these principles are targeted in our daily work in order to maximize the assets of our team members. They each ensure that everyone on the team is confident and equipped to handle any situation or obstacle that they may face.


Empowerment is perhaps the most significant aspect of working at Soleil. To us, it represents women supporting women and acknowledging each other’s attributes. Achievements are celebrated with the knowledge that everyone is working here for the same purpose: to follow their dreams and capture them fearlessly.


To this team, unity means being equal to each other and supporting each other’s strengths. Here, good communication is heavily appraised and employees are treated with the utmost respect and appreciation. These fundamentals could only be achieved by having unity.


The element of connection is significant to our team because it provides that every member is in sync with one another. It ensures that the employees are comfortable with one another and truly enjoy their environment. This element is what allows the business to run so smoothly.


Knowledge within Soleil means educating ourselves, exercising our brains, and understanding our craft. It means knowing what you want and how you are going to achieve it. It also means doing everything possible to better ourselves and acquire as much knowledge about our work as possible. This element ensures that our employees remain motivated and set on their goals.


At Soleil, wisdom symbolizes respecting our leaders and learning from each other. Every member of this team brings something specific and unique to the table. Because of this, we recognize that we can gain very useful strengths from one another. This aspect of the salon provides that we appreciate each other’s specialties and impart wisdom onto our coworkers.

At Soleil Salon & Spa in Windham, New Hampshire, we aren’t only focused on customer service, products, and business. Our team’s core principles are to empower, unify, connect, acquire knowledge and impart wisdom towards women, pushing them towards achieving their full potential. These principles blend together to serve a greater purpose than the salon itself; they improve lifestyles. As a Latina female-owned business, we think it’s important to inspire women to intrepidly chase after their goals and in doing so, allow ourselves to do the same.

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