Getting Frequent Facials Can Change Your Life

Facials are often overlooked as a significant aspect of many people’s self care routines. However, routinely getting a professional facial can be hugely beneficial. Doing so has proven to have major advantages for both mental and physical health. At Soleil Salon & Spa, you can book 30 to 90 minute facial sessions that may help you achieve some of these benefits. But first, we want to remove some stigmas around facials and explain to you more how getting frequent facials can change your life for the better!

Eliminating the Stigmas

There are so many stigmas associated with getting a facial done on a frequent basis. For example, many think that this treatment is gender specific, and that it is geared towards women. But men need skincare, too! Facials benefit everyone; they don’t pick and choose. Another popular claim about facials is that they should only be used for special occasions. While they should definitely be used for these events, most facials actually hit maximum efficiency when they are done routinely. Also, a lot of people are scared by the thought of a stranger touching their face, which is usually credited to a fear of germs or just a general distrust in getting touched. However, you should find comfort in the knowledge that estheticians are fully trained to be sanitary and respectful of your personal boundaries. Considering the many benefits of the treatment, too, the pros definitely outweigh the cons.


The biggest change you will notice from receiving facial treatments is an improvement in your skin. These treatments are designed specifically to cleanse, unclog, and exfoliate. Whether you have problems with texture, oil buildup, or dryness, there is a facial treatment built for you. With each treatment, your skin will become more smooth, and you will find yourself feeling energized and refreshed.

You may also begin to notice a decrease of muscle soreness in your face and an improved mobility of those muscles. Sometimes sore muscles can become extremely painful, and this treatment can help by loosening up your facial joints. A lot of this soreness and pain relief is due to lymphatic drainage, which is essentially the movement of buildup fluids within your system. Lymphatic drainage is often achieved through facials.

While there are many different types of facials, something they all have in common are the elements of mindfulness and relaxation. Each facial gives you an opportunity to connect with your inner self and soothe your mind. This can be a massive stress reliever and a nice way to take a break from your busy schedule.

The most important thing you should do is trust the process. At Soleil Salon & Spa in Windham, New Hampshire, our expert skin therapists will consult with you one-on-one to determine the best possible treatment for you. In this consultation, we will customize a mixture of Aveda products and techniques in order to create the perfect experience fit to your needs. Then you’ll be able to relax, enjoy, and let your results speak for themselves!