Everything to Know About Your Mid-Covid Hair Loss

The Covid-19 pandemic has been a highly unprecedented time for all of us, especially in terms of our daily schedules. With the emotional burden that came with the virus, many people started to slack on their skin and hair routines, having the underlying knowledge that they wouldn’t have to leave their houses any time soon. When we started opening Soleil Salon & Spa up again, something we began to notice rather frequently was a significant amount of hair loss amongst our clients. So we did some research, and this is what we found.
Major Causes
Apart from a general lack of self care, there are a few reasons why so many people have been experiencing hair loss. As it turns out, the pandemic itself has actually been proven to contribute to thinning hair, and in more ways than one. An additional amount of emotional stress caused by the virus has resulted in a higher uptick in balding, according to doctors quoted by the New York Times. It’s a well-known fact that stress is a contributor to hair loss, but with Covid weighing on people’s minds, both have been at an all time high.

Not only is stress from the pandemic creating a higher degree of hair thinning, but the disease itself is actually causing it as well. The American Academy of Dermatology Association (or the AAD) has linked balding to extreme fevers, which is one of the most common symptoms of Covid. So, if you’ve tested positive for the virus and simultaneously experienced a noticeable amount of hair loss, the fever that came with the illness may have been the root of this problem. Whether it’s the added stress or Covid itself, hair loss is ultimately starting to affect everyone.

The Solution
Either way, this problem has to be resolved. First and foremost, you should start back up on your self care routines. Even though you might not be leaving the house, doing this consistently can only help you in the long run. But for some, restarting those routines may not be enough to get your hair back to where it once was. So, only one question remains: how can you reverse this developing issue before it gets worse? Well, Aveda may have a solution for your mid-Covid hair thinning with their Invati Advanced system.

Designed specifically for thinning hair, this system can help you regenerate hair growth by promoting strength within your roots. Using 94% natural and plant-based ingredients, this system can transform your thinning hair back to its stronger and healthier self. In a simple three step process, you will start to experience thicker, more voluminous hair within months, according to customers of the products.

If you think this system might be right for you, you can find it at Soleil Salon & Spa in Windham, New Hampshire, or via our official website!